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([personal profile] kirylyn Nov. 2nd, 2007 11:39 pm)
Today's number is:


need to get brighthouse back out here because the remote isn't controlling their box


and I get to spend the day pulling all the boxes apart in order to get the TiVo actually BE a DT since the tech who showed up over an hour late couldn't be arsed to stay around long enough to make sure ANYthing worked.

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Maybe we can tag team them? I need to call and see if they can solve a DVR problem of mine. ALthough mine is more a programing issue and not a hardware issue, so I am thinking I am SOL.

I just returned Tude's box it bit the dust, spent 20 minutes in line listening to a snowbird "chat" with the customer service gal.

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Problems like these make me nostalgic for the days when everyone had an analog watch, people simply sat in front of the TV to watch, and people sent letters in the actual postal mail.

Oh wait.

I'm wearing a Swiss Army watch.
I don't own a TiVo or iPod (or any iProduct for that matter).
I actually send things in the mail.

Yes, I'm a dinosaur.


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