the clock I bought earlier this year changed correctly but the other 'radio set time automatically' is on the old schedule.

at least both computers got it right this time (last week, one changed, the other didn't)

had stumbled out of bed and swallowed my morning no food meds before I realized the alarm clock had NOT changed. sighs

beautiful sunset.

frigging COLD -- there's dew on the car windows

I'm crawling back into my warm toasty bed now

From: [identity profile]

Yeah, devices which had the old DST schedule permanently programmed into their hardware are always going to change at the wrong date... really nothing that can be done about that.

If you had one computer on the old schedule and one on the new, I'll bet that the one on the old schedule is a Windows 2000 machine that you didn't manually update (Microsoft didn't push a DST fix for it through Windows Update).


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