today's number is:


ARGH!!! maybe, like the White Rabbit scoffs, I am meant for turn based RPGs

I'm on the last part of the first episode, the Space Room. I can *see* where I need to go next (I hope)

Bartman climbed the moon wall, got his Krusty piece. Homer pushed the button to activate the middle rocket
Bartman glides over the three engines, landing on the bottom of the shuttle, where there's a Homer piece but I don't know how to get it to him.

Bart jumps onto the shuttle claw, breaking the protective 'sleeve' at the bottom, shimmies back up, jumps onto the planet, jumping over the moons, manages to jump onto the NEXT planet, and I *think* I'm supposed to jump on top of the orange building but I can't seem to make it.

am I supposed to be standing *on top of the moons* to order to make the jumps? am I supposed to climb to the top of the planet and jump from there??

ARGH!!! I HATE getting stuck at one spot!

tho, at least this time thru, I did find another Krusty piece so now I have 4/5 for Bart


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