now that summer is more or less over.

but gas in Melbourne is around $3.09

it wasn't this smeggin high during Katrina!!

the local Walmart is $2.99 and if you use the Walmart card, it takes 3 cents off but sheesh.

yeah, yeah, I know, it STILL isn't as expensive as Canada or especially Europe.

but we don't HAVE a public trans system TO use instead!!

Today's # is 27

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Feel lucky... gas in Kali is $4/Gal and in the Big Sur area it is $5/Gal.

It's going keep going up tho... think about it over the last 10 years... when did it ever drop back down to the level it was before (insert FOXnews fear mongering atrocity here)?

Alt. fuel is the wave of the future.

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I know, damn well sucks. I passed a shell on Fiske that was @ $3.19 for crissake! Am going to make the trek to BJ's later to see, they are usually comparable to Walmart's.

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heck it raised here 20cents from last night to this morning to 3.19:( good grief!


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