granted I've gotten furthur in the Simpsons game than I have in any other game to date but ...

I *finally* managed to collect all the surrendar flags but then it went straight into part 2 and I can not get Bart to double grapple so forget getting on the boat.

went back and tried Neverquest again but despite ignoring the burning buildings and the dragon, I could still only "mob" up 3 kids.

so ... it goes on the bottom of the pile. Maybe in a year or five when I have oodles of spare time but I've already wasted more time than was necessary due to lousy graphics (Lard Lad head should NOT be half in the building!) Maybe if a Wii *specific* guide is released.

until then


Today's # is 28.

I spent so much time on the Simpsons that the last number was on the 15th!
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