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Letters to the Editors

Combine days as reminder of duty

With the major elections one year away, and all the commentary and dismay about low voter turnout for elections, why not combine Election Day with Veterans Day?

Veterans have fought and died for the right of U.S. citizens to vote. We can combine patriotism and civic duty with honoring the people who have offered their services and in many cases their lives to keep us free.

Make Nov. 11 a national, non-working holiday and make it a win-win for America.


From: [identity profile]

No. Poll workers pull long, achy hours filled with so much nonsense, you can't even believe. My mother never flinches at a challenge, but even SHE has thrown in the towel regarding poll working. It is a thankless job, and so many veterans do it.

I would say this proposal defeats the purpose of Veterans' Day. I would also like to know if the person who wrote that letter has ever done any actual election work in their life...campaigning does not count. If they had, I have a feeling that letter would not have been written.


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