This weekend, KSC offered free admission to all Brevard County residents. All you needed to do is provide proof you lived in Brevard. In theory, you were supposed to donate canned goods but they weren't enforcing it.

The day started off quietly due to threat of rain but as the afternoon wore on, the crowds came (tripping my fear of crowds)

we (Judy Rosbury and myself) took the bus tour, skipping the LC 39 Gentry but looking at the Titan rocket and then taking the bus to the ISS Complex where they prep the modules to be taken "upstairs"

we also got to walk thru the ISS Modules to see how the astronauts live, including their shower cubby and the hydroponics section.

shockingly, due to going to KSC many times, about the only thing I wanted to get from the Space Shop was the calendar, but I didn't feel like waiting in a line half the length of the store for it. I'll order it online.


On the way from the Titan building to the ISS, we got to see Discovery leaving Bay 3 and rolling out to the VAB!!!!!

when the Orbiter lands at KSC, there's a blue line down the road for the tractor driver to follow to bring it back to the Bay for recovery and installing new instruments, etc.

They'll stop the tour buses but the pax will get an EXCELLENT and upclose view of the Orbiter on the ground!!!

Can't wait!!


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