my friend Steven rides a motorcycle. Sometimes he wears his brain bucket, sometimes not.

I'm watching the 11pm news last night and this is the lead story.

PALM BAY, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) -- The driver involved in a fatal crash on in Palm Bay on Thursday evening has been arrested for what is now his third DUI offense.

Jose Ramon Cabrera,40,  faces charges of DUI manslaughter, felony DUI, DUI with serious bodily injury and DUI with property damage.  He will be booked in to the Brevard County Jail where he will face a judge on Friday afternoon.

Palm Bay Fire Rescue responded to the crash involving a vehicle and a motorcycle in which one person was killed and a child was injured.

The crash occurred at the intersection of Minton Road and Emerson Drive at approximately 7:38 p.m.  Preliminary information indicates that Cabrea,  the driver of a Honda Accord, struck a motorcycle driven by an unidentified male who was traveling with his son, approximately 10-years of age. 

The boy's father, who was not wearing a helmet was pronounced dead on scene and the child, who was wearing a helmet was airlifted to an Orlando hospital.

one of the images on the news was the boys shoes laying scattered on the street.

poor kid, riding home with his dad. now, dad dead and kid was airlifted to Orlando Children's Hospital. All because someone just HAD to drive drunk yet again.

the motorcyclist had a green light. he impacted the car's windshield.

it does not matter when its bike vs car. car always wins

for those who ride, please please wear your helmets. if you don't, PLEASE make sure your donor card is signed!


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