I was having problems with the control panel of one of the domains I maintain. It wouldn't let me in, kept telling me that my certificate wasn't unique or something like that.

and of course, it worked with exploder.

but I didn't have the latest version of FireFox on the XP box so I updated it and rebooted. Nope, didn't solve the problem.

I sent an email to the support@ addy and it wasn't long at all before I got an email suggesting some things to try.

The email turnaround was very fast, very professional. It took two back-n-forths to get the problem resolved (I needed to kill the existing cert and get a new one issued)

the final email was explaining that I got it to work, the steps I needed to take since I was using FireFox on XP instead of Linux and thanked him for his help and apologized for being so dense.

He told me I wasn't (dense) and to have a nice weekend.

It was just very nice to be able to get help quickly without having to go thru scripts.

I wanna a job where I can do email tech support on non standard business hours!!


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