kirylyn: (PHONE: Treo 680 Crimson)
( Nov. 9th, 2007 11:54 pm)
For a while now, ever since I re-installed XP on my other box, Willow (my Crimson Red Palm Treo -- see icon) would not sync.

I kept getting the error message: computer can't see connection.

as I had not had a successful sync, I did not have a back up of the data.

So first, I had to PRY the case OFF
Then following the directions on the Palm website, I performed a soft reset.

no joy

then I did a system reset

still no joy

called AT&T tech support. stumped tier 1, transferred to tier 2, stumped HIM too and got cold dumped into the Palm tech support queue.

THEY wanted $25 before they would even start to trouble shoot the problem.

"Oh, we'll take your credit card info now and if it turns out we can't resolve the problem, we'll refund your money." excuse me but YEAH, RIGHT!

I solved the problem -- by plugging it into a USB port on my other Desktop. I'd use the laptop but the battery is acting up on it, don't want to go thru the hassle of installing the software for nothing.

Today's number is 48 :(


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