that as much as I love this place, there does seem to be some advantage of a "sleepy, half empty" complex.

like NOT being woken at 5:30ish by a dog who just will NOT shut up.

its bad enough during the day but granted most people aren't home all day.

but not when everyone ELSE does not get up so early.

its bad enough I complain about the kids to the point it was necessary to call the police to come by (and I've noticed there seems to be a cruiser making a slow trip thru the complex in the late afternoon when the kids are out to play.

then again, the kids attend the same school that has seen 8 bomb threats called in within a month, to the point they have to have a month of SATURDAY classes to make up all the time lost.

man, when did I turn into an old grouch?

From: [identity profile]

I'm with you on the noise issue. I intentionally increased the amount of hours I was getting every day and that seems to help me sleep more deeply than I did before.


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