kirylyn: (MISC: glowing green bottle)
( Jul. 29th, 2007 07:03 am)
(remember, I fell asleep watching Grill Gals)

I dreamt that I was in something like the Next Food Network Star and we were competing to make a breakfast muffin.

it wasn't my muffin but I was walking past the grill when the muffins were done and got screeched at for not taking them off the grill. someone else gave us a piece of wrapped american cheese (blech)

then we were discussing breakfast drinks and for some reason, an aremetto milkshake (made with choc ice cream) was stuck in my head. Then I suggested splashing some 7up in a glass of OJ.

then it was my turn to make the breakfast muffin, I had just popped the muffins into the toaster, setting it a little darker, when the alarm went off.

and no, my pillow was intact :)


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