this question was posed by the guy who delivers the newspapers as we watched the last of the white light slip off the surface of Luna.

it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

/does happy snoopy dance!!!!!

perfect clarity. just wish the stupid moths were out of the way (or I found a place to watch that wasn't so light polluted)

sadly, no pics.

was everyone else able to get out (or peer thru a window) to see it??

Sadly, the left coast of North America gets the full show while the east coast only sees it for 30 minutes :'(

for Florida, my alarm is set for 4:45am so I can be outside and scanning the moon as it slowly gets gobbled up.

man, wish I had binocs and as far as I can tell, the local planetarium will NOT be open to watch the eclipse :'(

*crosses fingers* hope the sky is clear, the clouds out of the way in time tonight!
STS-118 Endeavour has safely landed a day early at Kennedy Space Center!!



a perfect landing!!

*struggles to breath again*



(me, excited? whatever gave you that idea?)

I LOVE night launches!!

it was beautiful watching the countdown proceed smoothly, main ignition lit up and watch the next Mars scout lander blasting off to space

then I ran outside and watched the rocket streak across the sky until it faded from view (MECO)

I SO SO SO need to get a pair of binoculars I can use! yes, a scope would be nice but hard to track objects moving quickly across the sky



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