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( Nov. 16th, 2007 03:00 pm)
Today's number is 27!! (getting better at Tennis!!)

ok, sometime last month, I ordered the Amazon deal of buying a Series 2 Dual Tuner TiVo for $99 and getting a free $100 gift card (the reason the gift cards were free? when you open them, there's a piece of paper saying - buy the three year plan, pay for two -- expires 01/27/07. Yeah, not good anymore)

due to having a cable box to get the higher channels and the fact that it is at the other end of the apartment from my computer, I had also ordered the TiVo USB Wireless adapter.

which took the LONGEST time in trying to see my network (mainly because I was mis-spelling the password) the tivo network support dude? totally useless. Told me I'd have to either a) call Linksys for help or call the Geek Squad and PAY them to come out here to fix it *rolls eyes*

so last night I got it partially working in that it was seeing the basic cable channels but not anything above 99. that's because the first guy told me to take the RCA cables OFF the cable box, since I didn't "need" a secondary connection and attach them directly to the tv in, via TiVo out.

yeah, that didn't work

so today's call got that all straightened out, she even told me how to get tivo to recognize my tv, so now I only need the cable remote for On Demand which TiVo doesn't see.

need to record something to make sure the TiVo desktop can see the unit but otherwise, I'm golden.

meanwhile, the brighthouse HD DVR continues to be unplugged daily to be "rebooted"

beginning to wonder if I REALLY need HD...


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