Between the rising wages for milkmaids and higher commodity costs, buying all the items in the classic song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" would cost 3.1 percent more this year.

That's the word from PNC Wealth Management in Pittsburgh.

It puts the pricetag for buying each item once at $19,507. It would cost $78,100 to buy the 364 items, from a single partridge in a pear tree to the 12 drummers drumming, repeatedly on each day as the song suggests.

The eight maids-a-milking, who make minimum wage, would see an increase of more than 13 percent this year. Congress approved a hike in the minimum wage for the first time in a decade. For an hour of milking, you'd have to pay $46.80.

Five gold rings would cost just under $400. That's up more than 21 percent over last year.


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