attempted to make bbq pork roast in the slow cooker but I messed *something* up

I did cook it on high for two hours, drained (changed bags), put the meat back in, dumped the sauce in, cooked for another hour.

but... the pork isn't fork tender, its a bit on the dry side. correction, its a LOT on the dry side

meh, thinking of getting another boston picnic butt while they're still on sale and trying again tomorrow

any suggestions as to what I did wrong??
SHE'S UP!!!!!

sadly, cloud cover *here* prevented my eyeballing her climbing on a tower of light to the heavens (but I played back the NASA TV recordings :D)

and I *GASP* almost missed it. had a really bad night, didn't sleep well, woke up at like 11:10, stumbled into the shower and was still nekkid when I realized the shuttle was going up (and I couldn't very well run outside sans clothes)

/finally comes down from space high


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