attempted to make bbq pork roast in the slow cooker but I messed *something* up

I did cook it on high for two hours, drained (changed bags), put the meat back in, dumped the sauce in, cooked for another hour.

but... the pork isn't fork tender, its a bit on the dry side. correction, its a LOT on the dry side

meh, thinking of getting another boston picnic butt while they're still on sale and trying again tomorrow

any suggestions as to what I did wrong??
there's a monthly mag produced that showcases various local restaurants.

One of them, Dai-San offers all you can eat sushi Weds from 5pm to close and all day Sunday.

I generally stick to cooked stuff (egg, eel, shrimp, crab, etc) but one of the people at the sushi bar swore that red tuna was like the best steak evar.

since it was all you can eat, I gave it a try. meh, no, not my cup of tea.

also tried crunchy red and crunchy white tuna but the sushi chef put on way way too much wasabi mayo and I couldn't eat it.

After stuffing myself nearly silly, I finished it up with Tempura Ice Cream. Oh man!!! you know you've watched Food Network way too often (NO SUCH THING!) when you actually notice the plating. It has fresh sliced strawberries, fresh blueberries and vanilla ice cream that had been tempurized(?) very very yummy.

then it took me nearly three hours of sprawling on the couch to digest all that fish and rice.

just had soup for dinner, about all I could stomach.


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